Stuart Barbier

Stuart Barbier has been a professor of English at Delta College since 1998. In 2006, Stuart formed the Delta Prism Alliance to establish and maintain a safe and affirming environment at Delta College for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty and their allies. Some of the accomplishments of Delta Prism Alliance are establishing Delta’s Safe Space program to directly benefit LGBT student success on campus, revitalizing Unison, the student LGBTQ/allies association, producing and updating Delta’s LGBTQ Resources web page through Counseling/Advising and Career Services, and establishing the Standing Committee on LGBT Awareness Month through Diversity and Inclusion Programs. The Delta Prism Alliance has numerous additional accomplishments.

Stuart has planned, conducted, and documented thirteen years of meetings of the Delta Prism Alliance, keeping LGBTQ+ issues on the Delta College administration’s radar, challenging at times. Stuart has been a major contact for LGBTQ+ speakers, forums, etc. at Delta College. He was the leader on getting an officially designated LGBTQ+ administrative liaison, which is now part of the job duties of the Dean of Students.

Leo Romo

Leo Romo has given of himself, his time, his efforts for the LGBTQ+ community of the Great Lakes Bay Region and beyond, especially though PFLAG and Perceptions for over 20 years. Leo also has worked on researching, compiling, and preserving area LGBTQ+ history for the Great Lakes Bay Region. Leo has served as President of PFLAG and Editor of its LINK newsletter. Leo has served on Perceptions’ Board and Chair of Perceptions Pride Awards Banquet & Awards. Leo has hosted fundraisers and earnestly supports others’ projects and activities.

Barbara and the late Richard Kormelink

Barbara and the late Richard Kormelink, Wyoming, MI and formerly Bay City,  receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest award given. They were co-founders of the PFLAG Tri-Cities chapter and have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to help LGBT people. They worked non-stop for over 25 years as advocates and their efforts continue to promote equality, fairness and justice for the LGBT community.


Richard helped found local chapters of Dignity (1984), Wellness Networks (1988), and PFLAG Tri-Cities (1990); long involved with HIV/AIDS work including helping to bring the AIDS Quilt to the Tri-Cities; and planning and fundraising many local LGBT events since the mid-1980’s.

John Monahan

John Monahan (1946-2002) was the first openly gay community activist and organizer in the Tri-City area.. He was involved with local groups – Dignity Tri-Cities and Wellness Networks Tri-Cities and talked with local elected leaders in Lansing. John moved to Detroit and became a co-founder of the Triangle Foundation and served as the president and was involved in other LGBT groups..(The Triangle Foundation is called Equality Michigan now.) John demonstrated a lifetime commitment to equality, fairness and justice for the LGBT community. We recognize this and remember that he did for us.

Barbara Klimaszewski

Barbara Klimaszewski (Saginaw) receives the Lifetime Achievement Pride Award. She is a Saginaw criminal and civil rights attorney and has been active in the LGBT community for over 35 years. Throughout her career, Barb has fought for equality and civil rights for all people. When members of the LGBT community had no one to stand up for them, Klimaszewski provided representation. In 1976 she began the Underground Railroad, a place where battered women and their children could escape. Its formation marked the first free standing, emergency women’s shelter in Michigan. Barb is a long-time member of the ACLU, the Criminal Defense Association of Michigan and serves as an adviser to the Perceptions board. We honor Barb this award with all-embraced gratitude.

Dr. Dale Merkle

Dr. Dale Merkle, former president of the local chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG Tri-Cities) who as a member of the Bay City Board Educa-tion (1998-2002) was instrumental in establishing a non-discrimination policy that included sex-orientation in Bay City Schools. Dale has written more than thirty articles that addressed equal civil and human rights for lesbians and gays, and became PFLAG’s Gulf Regional Director after he moved to Atlanta, GA. Dale and his wife, Mary Lynn, has been an advocates for equality all of their lives. We will always remember your advocacy for the LGBT community. Thank you.


“Little Doug” was born in Midland on April 13, 1934, weighing just 2 pounds. At the age of 13, Doug started piano lessons and then voice lessons. He graduated from CMU in June 1959 with a BA degree in Liberal Arts. In 1967, he began a 21 year career with Giant Super Market in Midland and Mt. Pleasant. In 1968, he went on a blind date with a man named Don. They say love is blind, which the date proved to be true because that would be the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. Together, Doug and Don owned D&D’S Antiques for 19 years. In 2004, 36 years after they met, Don died and Doug joined Perceptions six months later. In his nomination of “Douglas Solosky Some-times”, Greg Gwaltney commented that sometimes it’s not the loudest speakers and charismatic cheerleaders that make the biggest impact, but people like “Little Doug” who lead by daily example. At the age of 80, Doug continues to be an active member of the community and Perceptions. This year he helped with mailings and spoke at the strategic planning meeting about the need to move forward with the times. At a recent Saginaw City Council hearing on LGBT rights, Doug said, “I thought they should know old people care about this, too! ”Doug has earned the Lifetime Achievement Award by the way he has lived his life, his encouragement of others, and his optimistic outlook on the future!

Randy Hasso

Randy Hasso has lived and worked in suburban Saginaw almost all of his adult life. Over the course of almost 31 years, Randy has generously contributed his time, talents, resources, and treasures to the LGBTQIA and HIV/AIDS communities. In the early 1980s, Randy made and distributed 1,000 pins that honored seven Saginaw Valley men who died of AIDS. With other local people, Randy marched in 1987, 1989 and 1991 for Gay Rights in Washington, D.C. He has been an active and vital member of several organizations, including Dignity Tri-Cities, The NAMES Project/AIDS Memorial Quilt, Wellness Networks Tri-Cities, and Perceptions Saginaw Valley. He is a tireless leader and is always willing to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work that is so desperately needed to improve the lives of those in the LGBTQIA community, as well as raise awareness in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Through his various positions as officer and board member, Randy is a role model for young people throughout our community. As a frequent host of several fundraising events, including anniversaries and rummage sales, Randy has raised much needed funds in support of the LGTQIA community in our region. According to one longtime friend, “Randy has a wicked sense of humor. We are lucky to have such a kind, friendly person in the Tri-Cities who is gay, out, and lives his pride for himself and others—truly for a lifetime—and is a great example for us all.”


REV. JUDITH BOLI is a priest and pastor at Saginaw’s St. Paul Episcopal Church. In 1987, Rev. Boli and her late husband helped to organize “Citizens United Against Violence” to combat the anti-gay violence against Whisper’s, a short-lived Saginaw gay bar. Her church offers: free meal each Sunday and other food services; counseling; monthly HIV/AIDS education and free HIV testing through Hearth Home and welcomes everybody. Rev. Boli adds, “At St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, the ground is level at the foot of the cross.”