Kat Champagne

Kat Champagne went from a concerned mother to an all-around volunteer and advocate for the SOGIE community. Kat’s involvement was wide and varied. Kat started with her involvement with the Perceptions Transgender Groups where she took an active position to broaden its scope, ensure the physical safety, and advocate for the betterment of the trans community. Kat was a member … Read More

Emily Simbeck

Emily Simbeck is an outpatient therapist at M.P.A. Group and one of a very few gender specialists in the Mid-Michigan area. Emily earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology, graduating from coastal Carolina University. She received her Master’s in social work at the University of Michigan. Emily has furthered her education by attending the University of Michigan transgender specialized training, … Read More

Bill Ostash

William “Bill” Ostash, was born and raised in Bay City. Bill moved to Saginaw in 2004 and has been involved with the Saginaw Historic District Commission since 2006 where he served as Chairperson from 2008-2014. Bill created “Preservation Saginaw”, a Facebook page to advocate, educate, and preserve Saginaw history for the importance of Saginaw’s past and future. Bill is the … Read More

Howard Ungerleider

Howard Ungerleider is the President and CFO of Dow and an active member of Dow’s inclusion Council. Through his position and personal actions, Howard has been a vocal advocate for a safe, inclusive and supportive workplace for all employees. He has advocated for Great Lakes Bay Region LGBT citizens’ equality and respect both within the Dow employee base and in … Read More

Rev. Rebecca M. Dunn

Rev. Rebecca M. Dunn, Saginaw, receives the Pride Award for showing outstanding pride. She founded the first local trans- gender support group, the Perceptions Saginaw Valley Trans- gender Group. She is an ordained New Thought minister, Meta- physical Practitioner and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees for Unity Church of Bay City. She has served on the … Read More

Thomas Brubaker

Tom Brubaker, Saginaw, receives the Unity Award because he cooperatively works with a multitude of organizations and individuals for the overall betterment of our community. As the outreach coordinator for the AIDS Care Program at BASIS-Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center, he has raised more than $150,000 for the Michigan AIDS Walk – Bay City, Saginaw and Midland in the past four … Read More

Jim Kleinsorge

Jim Kleinsorge, Bay City,  receives the Volunteer Award for his selfless dedication – going far beyond the call of duty. He is always “there” – setting up Friday Dinners, taking minutes, posting messages, greeting people with his beaming smile, etc. He is on the Perceptions Board, serves as secretary and coordinates several committees. Jim tries to make others feel comfortable. … Read More

Terry Zajac

Terry opened his beautiful Bay City house for the first Chocolate Party in 1991 to raise funds for the Wellness Networks Tri-Cities and it’s phone-line. Later he hosted so many Chocolate and Garden Parties for PFLAG Tri-Cities – and later for a fledgling organization called Triangle Saginaw Valley – renamed to Perceptions Saginaw Valley. Terry’s longtime generosity became the seeds of a multitude LGBT groups and causes that made us stronger today. 

Tim Atkinson

Tim maintained an informative website for local GLBT people long before Perceptions existed and continues to serve as the webmaster for Perceptions.  He conceived and organized the efforts to establish the Perceptions Endowed Scholarship Fund – presently nearly $16,000. He devotes countless hours of planning, volunteering, and organizing events and activities.  Tim’s service as a volunteer is unparalleled.

Bill Giorgis

Bill Giorgis (Saginaw) is a giving, considerate, thoughtful, helpful, unselfish and supportive person — describes one of several individuals who nominated Bill. Another said, ― “I can’t tell you how many times that man has come to my rescue.” As the owner of Mike’s Wrecker Services, Bill was inducted into the International Towing Hall of Fame 2002. He has served … Read More