Dr. Dale Merkle

Dr. Dale Merkle, former president of the local chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG Tri-Cities) who as a member of the Bay City Board Educa-tion (1998-2002) was instrumental in establishing a non-discrimination policy that included sex-orientation in Bay City Schools. Dale has written more than thirty articles that addressed equal civil and human rights for … Read More

Rick Farrand

Rick Farrand has been active in the Tri-Cities GLBT community for almost 25 years. He was a founding member of Dignity Tri-Cities and helped with fundraising, candlelight vigils, making AIDS Quilt panels for members of the Tri-Cities who died of AIDS, marches in Detroit, Lansing, etc. in the 1980-90’s. He helped bring a portion of the AIDS Quilt to Bay … Read More

Alberto (Beto) Jimenez

Alberto Jimenez, an openly gay Latino, has become an equality activist – something that he did not plan. To fight against LGBT discrimination, especially within the Latino community, he created an “Equality” float for Saginaw’s 34th Annual Cinco de Mayo Parade on May 4th – the first LGBT-themed float in the Cinco de Mayo Parade and probably the first in … Read More

Annie Boensch

Annie Boensch, member the Saginaw City Council, has been a leader and supporter of equal rights, not only for the gay community, but for all Saginaw City and County residents. She was the first Saginaw County political leader to sign her name a statement from Unity Michigan LEAD (Local Elect-eds Against Discrimination): Elected officials from across the State of Michigan … Read More

Kay Sural

Kay Sural who consistently supported efforts to foster a positive image for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender community and their allies, was known by her kind smile and dedication in the LGBT and the general community. Kay was able connect with everybody and became an excellent ambassador for goodwill. She naturally said “Hi” or “I’m Kay. Who are you?” … Read More

Pasong’s Café

The Pasong’s Café that serves fine Asian cuisine receives the Business Pride Award for its long-time full support of the LGBT community within the Great Lakes Bay Region. “Pasong” and her daughters, Nonnie Blondin and Tina Saycosie, are known by many in the LGBT community. Openly lesbian Tina is the current owner of Pasong’s Café. The restaurant has donated its … Read More