Terry Zajac

Terry opened his beautiful Bay City house for the first Chocolate Party in 1991 to raise funds for the Wellness Networks Tri-Cities and it’s phone-line. Later he hosted so many Chocolate and Garden Parties for PFLAG Tri-Cities – and later for a fledgling organization called Triangle Saginaw Valley – renamed to Perceptions Saginaw Valley. Terry’s longtime generosity became the seeds of a multitude LGBT groups and causes that made us stronger today. 

Fred Eland

Fred is a newcomer in the community and “came out” within the last year. Fred is very friendly, personable, and always willing to lend a hand when needed.  He has been a great help to Perceptions and has become involved in many of our projects and functions. Since his coming out, he has blossomed and become a great asset to our organization and our community.  He is a … Read More

Tim Atkinson

Tim maintained an informative website for local GLBT people long before Perceptions existed and continues to serve as the webmaster for Perceptions.  He conceived and organized the efforts to establish the Perceptions Endowed Scholarship Fund – presently nearly $16,000. He devotes countless hours of planning, volunteering, and organizing events and activities.  Tim’s service as a volunteer is unparalleled.

Dr. Charissa Urbano

“Charis” is a Professor of Biology and Director, Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence in Delta College where she has established talking points of The Genetics of Homosexuality.  She has presented and published LGBT issues at state and national conferences and workshops. Charis speaks on behalf of GLBT faculty/staff regarding same-sex benefits and was co-chair in the development of Prism, the campus organization for GLBT faculty/staff/ students. Charis is a model of Pride.

Andy Coulouris

Former Saginaw city council member and State Rep., Andy has supported LGBT equality thru proposed bills in Lansing: second-parent adoption, Matt’s Law (anti-bullying) , and adding the words “sexual orientation, gender identity and expression” in Michigan’s Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act – it would stop legal discrimination against LGBT people.  Andy was never embarrassed to fight for equality.

Steve West & Jim Atwood

The Savoy Grill is a local, popular, and gay-owned restaurant. Proprietors Steve West and Jim Atwood have created one of best kept secrets in downtown Saginaw. The Savoy Grill has generously donated money, time and spirit to the LGBT community.  They served dinner in the 2009 Pride Banquet and we are excited to honor them in the 2010 Pride Banquet — and they will still serve us again.


Richard helped found local chapters of Dignity (1984), Wellness Networks (1988), and PFLAG Tri-Cities (1990); long involved with HIV/AIDS work including helping to bring the AIDS Quilt to the Tri-Cities; and planning and fundraising many local LGBT events since the mid-1980’s.