Rick Farrand

Rick Farrand has been active in the Tri-Cities GLBT community for almost 25 years. He was a founding member of Dignity Tri-Cities and helped with fundraising, candlelight vigils, making AIDS Quilt panels for members of the Tri-Cities who died of AIDS, marches in Detroit, Lansing, etc. in the 1980-90’s. He helped bring a portion of the AIDS Quilt to Bay City in early 1990’s. Rick was involved with the Buddy Program, when people visited, offered encouragement, rides, and a shoulder to cry on for those Tri-Cities residents living with AIDS. He served the LGBT community by volunteering and organizing numerous functions – dances, fundraisers, banquets, the Perceptions Adoption Highway Cleanup and the like. Rick’s mom, aunt and family became friends with the LGBT community and Rick never hesitated to help.