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Transgender Participant Survey

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  • (Example: virtual format, meeting content, location, time)
  • (Example: virtual format, meeting content, location, time)
    (Example: meeting time, Zoom link, etc.)
    Context: Information about group meetings, upcoming events, etc. would be shared exclusively with those who have signed up and not broadly to the general public. This process would enhance security by not publicly displaying meeting dates, times, locations, etc. It also offers a vetting process for new members to ensure compliance with group rules and regulations.
  • (Example: friends outside of the group, social gatherings, shared hobbies, etc.)
  • (Example: housing security, employment information, healthcare needs, inclusive business referrals, etc.)
    Context: For nearly 3 years, the group has met at Unity of Bay City and/or Trinity Episcopal of Bay City. Great Lakes Bay Pride values our close partnership with these institutions while recognizing that some members of the community might not feel comfortable meeting at a house of worship.
    (Skip to next question if you would not typically attend a face-to-face meeting.)
    Context: How would you prefer to receive reminders about upcoming group meetings, special events, etc. Select the method you prefer most.
    Context: The group currently has a Facebook group that is used by folks to ask questions, share news articles, etc. Access to the Facebook group is granted to anyone who requests to join and agrees to abide by the rules of the group.