Howard Ungerleider

Howard Ungerleider is the President and CFO of Dow and an active member of Dow’s inclusion Council. Through his position and personal actions, Howard has been a vocal advocate for a safe, inclusive and supportive workplace for all employees. He has advocated for Great Lakes Bay Region LGBT citizens’ equality and respect both within the Dow employee base and in the community. He has increased the visibility of the SOGIE community, provided both influential and financial support, and provided needed counsel and advice to the Great Lakes Bay Region SOGIE and Ally non-profit leadership.

Through Howard’s actions and influences, he has advocated for better lives for the Great Lakes Bay Region’s SOGIE community, its right to be seen and heard, and its need to be in a safe and supported environment. He has assured funding – both personal and corporate – to ensure key events and programs were offered to the community needs. His advice has helped guide the current SOGIE programs and future growth initiatives, which will continue to raise the quality of life in the region for generations to come.