Emily Simbeck

Emily Simbeck is an outpatient therapist at M.P.A. Group and one of a very few gender specialists in the Mid-Michigan area. Emily earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology, graduating from coastal Carolina University. She received her Master’s in social work at the University of Michigan. Emily has furthered her education by attending the University of Michigan transgender specialized training, receiving a Certificate in Transgender Practice Focus. Emily has attended many other professional development opportunities and always brings back advice and guidance to the rest of her co-workers for improving their skills.

Emily organized a Transgender 101 training for the Bay City community. The event happened on April 24, 2019 with a 100% positive rating on exit surveys. Emily consistently demonstrates a commitment to the LGBTQ community and to provide guidance and brainstorming to the M.P.A. leadership so that they can keep the agency on the front lines as we strive to learn, grow, be open and welcoming, and provide the very best possible care to all out consumers, including those among the SOGIE and Ally communities.