“Little Doug” was born in Midland on April 13, 1934, weighing just 2 pounds. At the age of 13, Doug started piano lessons and then voice lessons. He graduated from CMU in June 1959 with a BA degree in Liberal Arts. In 1967, he began a 21 year career with Giant Super Market in Midland and Mt. Pleasant. In 1968, he went on a blind date with a man named Don. They say love is blind, which the date proved to be true because that would be the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. Together, Doug and Don owned D&D’S Antiques for 19 years. In 2004, 36 years after they met, Don died and Doug joined Perceptions six months later. In his nomination of “Douglas Solosky Some-times”, Greg Gwaltney commented that sometimes it’s not the loudest speakers and charismatic cheerleaders that make the biggest impact, but people like “Little Doug” who lead by daily example. At the age of 80, Doug continues to be an active member of the community and Perceptions. This year he helped with mailings and spoke at the strategic planning meeting about the need to move forward with the times. At a recent Saginaw City Council hearing on LGBT rights, Doug said, “I thought they should know old people care about this, too! ”Doug has earned the Lifetime Achievement Award by the way he has lived his life, his encouragement of others, and his optimistic outlook on the future!