Don Tilley is a high school political science/government teacher at Bay City Central High School and serves on the Bay Coun-ty Board of Commissioners. In January, Mr. Tilley proposed a Human Rights Ordinance in Bay County that would have banned LGBT discrimination in all county government services and contracts. Though much of the opposition to the ordinance focused on the rights of trans people, Mr. Tilley held the high ground and would not consider dropping Gender Identity from the ordinance. Though it was not approved, a policy to protect county employees from discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation was. Mr. Tilley’s work as an ally to the LGBT community continues to raise awareness in the region. In the midst of what was an emotionally charged environment, Mr. Tilley never lost sight of his life as a teacher. He is a role model for young people who often wonder if they can make a difference in society. The LGBT community is in his debt, especially those LGBT county employees who no longer have to look over their shoulders, wondering if they will be fired or bullied. Don Tilley made a difference.