Bill Giorgis

Bill Giorgis (Saginaw) is a giving, considerate, thoughtful, helpful, unselfish and supportive person — describes one of several individuals who nominated Bill. Another said, ― “I can’t tell you how many times that man has come to my rescue.” As the owner of Mike’s Wrecker Services, Bill was inducted into the International Towing Hall of Fame 2002. He has served as President of Michigan Towing Association for over a decade. Bill is an active member of several community groups including the Saginaw Area Fireworks & the Lawn Chair Film Festival and has donated generously to the LGBT community. He regularly purchases and then donates tickets for events like tonight’s Pride Banquet and the Holiday Party. He has made generous donations to the Perceptions Auction and most recently donated space for the Perceptions general meetings. Bill is man who’s generosity knows no bounds.