Allison Matthew

Allison Matthew has proven to be a supporter of Perceptions and the SOGIE community within the Great Lakes Bay Region. In her roles of parent, student (graduating with a master’s degree), and employee for Consumers Energy, Allison has found time, over the past 4 years to work on numerous projects, most notably: The Great Lakes Bay Pride Festival, and Perceptions Holiday Gala “successes” as well as being a Perceptions Trustee, and overall supporter of Perceptions. As a trustee, she volunteered to assist with facilitating a listening session with Transgender individuals taking part in the Perceptions programming efforts. In October of 2018, she assisted in planning and being a part of a panel offering a presentation regarding SOGIE and rural collaborative issues at the global ‘Out & Equal summit’ event in Seattle, Washington. Allison worked alongside her peers at Consumers Energy along with representatives of Dow and Perceptions. She has worked as a liaison between ‘PRIDE Alliance at Consumers Energy’, the employee resource group representing the SOGIE community at Consumers Energy, and Perceptions; her efforts have assisted in having Consumers Energy recognize Perceptions’ programming efforts and impact within the Great Lakes Bay Region, and becoming a sponsor of Perceptions activities.