About The Resource Directory

Who Can Be Listed in the Online Resource Directory?

Great Lakes Bay Pride’s mission to provide inclusive sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGIE) education, advocacy, networking, and resources to individuals and organizations in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Bigotry is bad for business. This sentiment has been echoed in Lansing with the passage of key legislation prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. Unfortunately, we know there are still businesses and service providers in Michigan who want to refuse services to our LGBTQ+ community.

Our goal in creating an online directory system is to provide an easy-to-use database for connecting all LGBTQ+ welcoming and affirming businesses, organizations, and service providers with individuals and organizations seeking a wide range of needed resources across the Great Lakes Bay Region.

This system allows individuals and organizations to find pertinent information about resources they need. To create a listing in our directory, please review the partner criteria requirements below.

After reviewing and affirming that the partner criteria is met, please complete the listing registration form. Great Lakes Bay Pride staff will review submissions for final approval. We anticipate new listings to be active on the directory within 1 week of submission.

If your business or organization does not currently meet all the outlined criteria and needs additional training or resources to do so, please contact our office as we will be happy to assist at (989) 203-2474 or by email at info@greatlakesbaypride.org.

Thanks to the generous support of grant funds to create this directory, we are waiving the annual listing fee at this time.

We need your help to grow the directory! Please share this information with other welcoming and inclusive businesses and service providers in your networks.

Exclusion/Removal Criteria

Approval for inclusion in Great Lakes Bay Pride’s inclusive Online Directory System is based on a continued commitment to adherence with the above inclusion criteria. Approval for inclusion does not guarantee permanent inclusion in the directory. Great Lakes Bay Pride reserves the right to exclude or remove an organization from the directory at any time. Examples of reasons for exclusion or removal may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Failing to adequately meet or continue to uphold the inclusion criteria;
  2. Program/Service/Resource non-delivery;
  3. Illegal activity, including fraud, discrimination, or misrepresentation;
  4. An organizational philosophy that is contrary to the mission and values of Great
    Lakes Bay Pride, such as one that promotes hate or violence;
  5. Behavior that is harmful, harassing, malicious, threatening or otherwise
    objectionable; or
  6. Violation of our Website Terms of Use

Inclusion in Great Lakes Bay Pride’s Online Directory System should in no way be construed to constitute endorsement of a business/organization or its services, nor should exclusion constitute disapproval. Great Lakes Bay Pride offers directory listings to those organizations who have affirmed the aforementioned statements of inclusion. It does not provide endorsements, recommendations, or ratings of potential service providers. Great Lakes Bay Pride reserves the right to edit information provided by the organization to meet software and database formatting requirements.

Decisions to exclude or remove a business/organization from the directory may be appealed in writing to info@greatlakesbaypride.org, provided that evidence can be presented showing that the decision for exclusion or removal was inaccurate.